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      PERFECT! I can’t thank you enough!
      At 09:45 PM 08/17/2003 -0500, Carey Banks wrote:
      > > Can some kind soul please tell me how to put my elderly parent on medicaid?
      >You need to gather all of the income they have. Like Social Security,
      >retirement. And they need to see the actual proof. Letters from Social
      >security that kind of thing. Gather their bills, rent, utilities, car
      >payment, whatever living expenses they have. A list of their medication
      >and doctor bills for the last three months. They will go back 3 months on
      >any unpaid doctor bills(if they qualify). Then contact the Department of
      >Human Services, and request an application. Once you turn in the
      >application it usually takes about a week or so to get an appointment. If
      >the elderly person you are talking about is capable of attending the
      >appointment then they should go, but it is possible for you to attend in
      >their place.
      > I think that is it…Oh…forms of ID.
      > Carey –Hope this helps

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