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      Ugh – I keep forgetting this list is no HTML and messages get sent back
      to me to fix before I can re-send them *lol*) One of these days
      hopefully I’ll remember! 🙂

      Hi! I thought I would share this recipe with you, that I come up with about 2
      months ago. It is really good and they are so easy to make as well 🙂

      these burgers are meatless but honestly, they don’t taste like they are at all!
      i don’t much like meat at all and also i really have to watch what i do eat due
      to cholesterol levels that were at heart attack level.

      since there is just dh and i here at home now, many times we’ll just grab a
      sandwich or something if we’re hungry. dh eats lunch meat though i will not and
      so if i don’t have any of my burgers made ahead and am hungry, i’m too likely to
      just grab a cheese sandwich (and cheese is a big no-no for me!!)

      by the way, my dh has tried and likes these burgers as well (he likes them with
      gravy over top of them!) and also my son who doesn’t live with me, has tried
      them and in fact, when ever he stops by – he always asks if there are any made
      up in the fridge. *lol*

      okay here goes with the recipe and the directions and please if you happen to
      try them, let me know what you think, okay? it’d make me feel good to know that
      i’ve blessed someone! (and yes, i did think up this recipe all by myself –
      still can’t believe that it worked though *lol*)

      oatmeal-stuffing burgers
      1 cup oatmeal
      1 cup stuffing mix (I get the kind that the seasoning packet is mixed right in
      with the stuffing)

      1/2 package of dry onion soup mix (or beefy-onion soup mix)

      1/4 cup of more of diced onion (sometimes I use more ‘cuz I love onions)

      Seasoning packet from ramen noodles (any flavor and I’ve even used the shrimp
      flavored packets and could not tell – they were good too!!)

      1 egg
      1/2 cup water Mix all ingredients together and when thoroughly mixed, shape into
      patties. Put into a frying pan which has been sprayed with non-fat spray.

      Brown burgers on low heat then turn and brown on the other side as well.

      When browned on both sides, I then take about 1/2 cup of water (sometimes a
      titch more but not much) and pour over top of all the burgers making sure I get
      water on all of the burgers. Then I put the lid on the pan and simmer until the
      water is all gone. Sometimes I will flip the burgers one more time when they’ve
      been simmering for awhile.

      Once the burgers are done, I take them out of the pan and place them on a plate
      and let cool. I then, once they are cool – put them into a bowl with a lid and
      put them in the fridge.

      For some reason, these burgers get MUCH better texture if you make sure and do
      this (let cool and then put in the fridge). I have tried them right after
      cooking and to me, the texture was no where near as good as letting them cool
      and then refrigerating for awhile.

      I haven’t tried to freeze these but imagine that they would freeze well. Also,
      haven’t tried using this recipe in making other things but would think it would
      work as well.

      Note: When I first made the recipe, I used 1/2 packet of instant mushroom gravy
      in place of the packet from ramen soup but it cost more to do this and once I
      found that I could use the packet from ramen noodles and it tasted just as good,
      I quit using the gravy mix.

      Love, Jennelle PS A couple of years ago, I used to make oatmeal burgers (with
      oatmeal, sage and various spices, bouillon and an egg); however I like this new
      recipe much better as I don’t have to mess with all the spices ‘n such, it’s
      just so quick and easy!

      The recipe (from a few years ago) worked fine when adding it to recipes in place
      of meat and they froze well also, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for the
      oatmeal-stuffing burgers too. Would just have to try it and see, I suppose.

      This recipe is a wonderful way to stretch your food dollar!! 🙂

      Note: This week, I had about 1/4 of a loaf of homemade bread left over that was
      still good (not stale or anything) but it was really dry. So what I decided to
      try to do, was to put it over the cheese grater and grated it up (not too small
      but in stuffing like chunks)
      and then the next time I made the burgers, I only used 1/2 cup of stuffing mix
      and 1/2 cup of the dried bread crumbs and it worked just fine.

      So, I figure by doing this – it’ll stretch the stuffing twice as far. (The
      stuffing mix I buy is only 69 cents a box at Save-a-lot so you don’t have to use
      expensive stuffing, I bet if you made your own that it’d work just as good!!)

      From: Jennelle
      Date: Mon Feb 9, 2004 2:04 pm
      Subject: Cheap burgers – No Meat!!

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