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      I don’t have ideas on where to find menu’s, but if you find that you are pressed for time each night after work, etc., what I have found that works, is making meals up in advance. I don’t mean spending a weekend cooking, to me, that sounds like a lot of work! What I do, is each night when I make dinner, I make a double or triple recipe, especially if it’s something I know my daughter and I both like. Then, I divide the portions, and freeze into individual or family servings, and freeze it for later in the week or month. After several days of making extra, you will have many nights worth of meals to plan from. This saves so much time, and also saves on electricity or gas, because many of the meals, all you have to do is pop them in the microwave. Or, if they need to be warmed in the oven, it takes a lot less time to warm something up than it does to cook it from scratch. This has helped me so much, even though I’m a SAHM, I don’t have much energy, due to health conditions. So, on days I’m not feeling good, I just have to pop something in the microwave, and dinner is ready in minutes.

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