May 6-11

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      Sunday – soft-fried eggs and toast
      Monday – peanut butter and banana toast
      Tuesday – maple sausage in a mini pita
      Wednesday – grits
      Thursday – cinnamon oatmeal
      Friday – black-bean patty on toast
      Saturday – basted-eggs and toast
      Total – $1.49

      Berry bars
      Unsalted peanuts
      Fruit and nut bars
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Yogurt mixed with blueberries
      Total — $3

      Sunday – leftover chicken pot pit
      Monday – leftover spinach casserole
      Tuesday – leftover ham quiche
      Wednesday – chicken salad over greens
      Thursday – pork chop sandwich
      Friday – cranberry-orange chicken over greens
      Saturday – pork loin sandwich
      Total — $5

      Sunday – pulled pork BBQ sandwiches on crusty rolls and fried okra…$1.25*
      Monday – lemon-pepper wings, oven-fried asparagus, and spinach Alfredo…$3.96
      Tuesday – baked chicken breasts, spinach Alfredo, salad, and tres leche cake…$4.99
      Wednesday – Sunday’s leftovers…$0
      Thursday – pulled chicken and summer squash casserole…$7.99
      Friday – Wednesday’s leftovers and lemon bars…$1.99
      Saturday – skillet lasagna and salad…$3.98
      Total — $24.16

      Total for the week — $33.65

      *Using frozen pulled pork from two weeks ago.

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