May 30-June 5

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      Sunday – dilled egg salad on toast
      Monday – apple and berry breakfast quinoa
      Tuesday – berry breakfast quinoa
      Wednesday – breakfast burrito
      Thursday – breakfast salad with apple, blueberries, and mandarin orange
      Friday – breakfast skillet
      Saturday – Chia pudding with apple
      Total – $.60

      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and white American cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday – leftover quiche
      Monday – leftover tuna casserole
      Tuesday – leftover enchiladas
      Wednesday – leftover pork skillet
      Thursday – shrimp po’boy
      Friday – leftover stroganoff
      Saturday – pork loin sandwich
      Total — $2.99

      Sunday – Crockpot cranberry-onion Boston butt, garlic sweet potato wedges, and salad…$10.89
      Monday – chicken and potato skillet with corn on the cob…$8.91
      Tuesday – Sunday’s leftovers and double-lemon cheesecake bars…$1.79
      Wednesday –grilled chicken breasts, fried potatoes, corn on the cob, and chocolate fudge…$7.47
      Thursday – salmon, spinach, and mushroom quiche…$3.49
      Friday – beef stroganoff over noodles…$6.98
      Saturday – tuna and cheddar casserole…$3.49
      Total — $43.02

      Total for the week — $49.11

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