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      Sunday — oatmeal with banana, coffee
      Monday — peanut butter toast, banana smoothie
      Tuesday — fried eggs, toast, coffee
      Wednesday — grits and eggs, coffee
      Thursday — cantaloupe and avocado slices, coffee
      Friday — ham omelette, coffee
      Saturday — pancakes, coffee
      Total — $6.93

      Sunday — lentil soup from the freezer
      Monday — stuffed cabbage from the freezer
      Tuesday — chicken pita, last week’s leftover
      Wednesday — leftover lamb stew
      Thursday — tuna salad sandwich
      Friday — chicken pesto wrap
      Saturday — peanut butter and granola wrap
      Total — $2.97

      Sunday – baked tilapia and slaw…$5.96
      Monday – pineapple and ham fried rice…$4.72
      Tuesday – spinach quiche…$1.99
      Wednesday – roasted chicken, potatoes, and peppers…$8.08
      Thursday – ragu…$8.40
      Friday – cod and cucumber salad…$10.80
      Saturday – pork chops and slaw…$7
      Total — $46.95

      Total for the week — $56.85
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      Hi! Thanks for sharing your menu plan. I wanted to ask, where do you find lamb at a good price?

      We haven’t bought lamb for several years, it’s very expensive in our area.

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      Lamb is expensive wherever anybody lives unless you have a farm with sheep! LOL! Since it is my favorite meat, I check the mark-down bin every week.

      If I find something marked down, I buy it — the cut doesn’t matter. I stick it in the freezer and repeat every week until I have enough to plan a meal with it.

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