May 22-28

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      Sunday — bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee
      Monday — cheesey grits, coffee
      Tuesday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Wednesday — sausage and cheese pie, coffee
      Thursday — apricot-honey oatmeal, coffee
      Friday — eggs Benedict, hash browns, and coffee
      Saturday — Special K, milk, and coffee
      Total — $5.96

      Greek yogurt
      rice crackers
      Total — $6

      Sunday — chicken-fried rice
      Monday — lasagna
      Tuesday — ham muffins
      Wednesday — potatoes and carrots
      Thursday — hamburger
      Friday — steak sandwich
      Saturday — ham biscuit
      Total — $4

      Sunday – steak, mac’n cheese, buttered peas and carrots, and Oreo dirt cups…$27.96
      Monday – eggs Florentine…$3.96
      Tuesday – Texas ranch casserole…$7.96
      Wednesday – stuffed zucchini and brown rice…$8
      Thursday – roasted cauliflower and quinoa salad…$8
      Friday – pork loin, brown rice, salad, and strawberry tart…$5.96
      Saturday – salmon with fettuccine and salad…$25.96
      Total — $87.80

      Total for the week — $103.76

      Note: entertaining on Sunday and Saturday, serving four on both days
      showered with love

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