May 15-21

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      Sunday – pb&j toast
      Monday – sausage, egg, cheese, and potato burrito
      Tuesday – strawberry strudel
      Wednesday – strawberry/banana Cheerios with milk and strawberries
      Thursday – breakfast salad with strawberries and pineapple
      Friday – sunny-side up eggs and toast
      Saturday – French toast
      Total – $1.98

      Balsamic vinegar Triscuit Crackers and Swiss cheese
      Melba toast
      Trail mix
      Total — $1.49

      Sunday – leftover Mexican chicken
      Monday – leftover chicken tenders
      Tuesday –Cajun chicken salad over greens
      Wednesday – baked chicken sandwich
      Thursday – leftover chicken fajitas
      Friday – leftover chicken Milanese
      Saturday – leftover pork carnitas
      Total — $3.33

      Sunday – ranch chicken, rice, and salad…$8.97
      Monday – tater-tot chicken casserole…$6.99
      Tuesday – mushroom chicken bites, macaroni and cheese, and salad…$2.97
      Wednesday – baked chicken, parsleyed potatoes, and asparagus…$5.99
      Thursday – baked pork chops, rice pilaf, and salad…$14.99
      Friday – French mustard chicken breasts, fettuccine, and broccoli…$8.97
      Saturday – French onion soup with cheesy garlic bread and salad…$2.25

      Total — $51.13

      Total for the week –$57.93

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