May 12-18

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      Sunday – hard-boiled egg sandwich on toast

      Monday – peanut butter and banana toast

      Tuesday – turkey sausage in a mini pita

      Wednesday – cinnamon oatmeal

      Thursday – black-bean patty on toast

      Friday – peanut butter toast

      Saturday – poached eggs on toast

      Total – $1.66




      Berry bars


      Fruit and nut bars

      Glazed pecans


      Trail mix

      Triscuits and cheddar cheese

      Yogurt mixed with mixed berries

      Total — $3



      Sunday – BBQ sandwich

      Monday – salad

      Tuesday – leftover wings

      Wednesday – leftover lasagna

      Thursday – leftover baked chicken breast over greens

      Friday – leftover chicken and squash casserole

      Saturday – salad

      Total — $0



      Sunday – ham steak, hash-brown potatoes, and baby lima beans with bacon…$5.97

      Monday – chicken a la king casserole and bacon wrapped asparagus…$3.98

      Tuesday – grilled chicken breasts, boiled potatoes, California blend, and cake-box cookies…$4.99

      Wednesday – fried pork chops, vegetable fried rice, broccoli, and blintz bake…$6.99

      Thursday – meatloaf, buttered noodles, and salad…$3.96

      Friday – Crockpot chili and corn bread…$1.98

      Saturday – fried shrimp, vegetable fried rice, salad, and tiramisu squares…7.99

      Total — $35.86



      Total for the week — $40.52

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