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      This is a true story about our baby Maxie and the life she has before us !!

      About 2 months ago my husband and i decided we wanted to adopt a dog , we were searching online, we didn’t want to pay a boo-coo of money for some name brand dog but wanted a good dog that needed a home . Nothing could have prepared us for what we found. We saw an ad for a bull mastiff she was free. My husband loving huge dogs called about her . The people were very honest . She was found wondering the neighborhood starved and still had milk in her breast, she was pitiful. They just didn’t have the means to feed her and wanted her to find a home . They had contacted the local animal shelter and they took her there only to be told that she basically wasn’t worth saving. That if they left her she would be put to sleep . They took her back home and posted her online hoping someone would think she was worth it. My husband and i thought about it and thought some more and decided to go meet her . What we saw when we got there would have broke anyone with a heart . She was so skinny and has knots on her back one of her nipples had been ripped off. One side of her face was drawn up, all her teeth broken and only half there. she was a mess but her personality was to die for she was loving she was skittish of you as far as if you moved to quickly to Pet her she would jump thinking you were going to hit her , we fell in love and brought her home !!!!!!!!!!!! After her first vet visit we were informed she was to underweight to have her rabies shot or any surgeries that she needed to gain 20 to 30 pounds before they would even attempt to do anything . She weighted 60 pounds and should have weighted no less then 100 pounds. She has had a stroke that was why her face was drawn and her balance is off in her back end. The stroke possibly happened in her last litter of puppy’s shes been breed over and over she was obviously a puppy mill breeder and when she had the stroke they thought her not to be worth feeding or keeping (this is what our vet believes is the story) Yes shes going to cost us there is no doubt but the love and appreciation we see in her daily is worth it . She has to be spayed(complete hysterectomy) she has to have all her nipples and breast removed (knots in all of them due to excessive breeding) and has several knots on her body due to the excessive breeding , abuse , and malnutrition that has to be taken off and tested for cancer and all that wonderful stuff , but we are going to do it she is worth saving . we will just have to do it one step at a time. Shes an angel . to have been put though what she has and to still see the good in humans is amazing. Shes living the good life now, she will never have puppy’s again she will live out her life a couch dog with her family there to love her every step of the way (shes also a bed hog!!!) Yes she still has nightmares she whines in her sleep and runs and cry’s but when she wakes up i bet she thinks ahhhhh i am in heaven. So needless to say i am always looking for Doggy freebies so i can spoil this baby !!!:059::heart::051::angel4::060::tulip-icon:

      I am going to try to upload a few pictures of her to my album if i can figure out how ! 🙂

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      Your Maxie sounds like a love. I would love to see pictures of her sometime. I have a rescue dog that is a yellow lab. She is a big goofball and is the baby and center of attention in this home. We also had rescued Max, a very soft hearted and badly abused chocolate lab who lived with us for 9 years before cancer overtook him. I loved your story…

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      I wish people would treat dog with some respect ….its sad…. i have pictures of her posted in my albums

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      Oh, my God! She is just beatiful…I can tell she feels so happy and at home with you showing her belly up. 🙂 She is grateful for what you are providing her, and yes, she has died(her old self) and gone to heaven. Thank you for what you are doing with her. If everyone chipped in and did just a little bit, it can make a BIG difference. God Bless!

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      Thank you 🙂 Its been a hard road and still going to get harder once she has weight enough on her to do her surgeries but in the end shes going to have a better life. She is honestly an angel !!!! She shows us in every way how grateful she is for what we are doing , and shes so loving . I don’t think i would be the same if it was me that was put though the hell she has been though . But shes a dream dog … Got to love her to death !!! BTW all surgeries will be starting in February , her vet said she should be ready but then *keeping figure’s crossed*

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      I love this story!! It made me cry at first,but I love the happy ending!
      God Bless You!!:angel12:

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      @rac77us 129283 wrote:

      I love this story!! It made me cry at first,but I love the happy ending!
      God Bless You!!:angel12:

      Thank you , Maxie is a blessing to this family :):059::059:

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