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      While I was pregnant, I bought clothes a few sizes too large – mainly pants
      with elastic waists or mens clothes (especially shirts). I work in an
      office and needed to look neat and tidy. I had quite a few comments on how
      nice I looked as most of the clothes were recent fashions.

      I bought all of
      these clothes at garage sales, flea markets or off the sale racks. I did
      not pay more than $5 for any outfit and had five full changes. I could not
      handle anything tight around my stomach and being larger, the pants would
      pull up completely over my stomach and were not tight.

      I also was given a
      belly extender for pants. It was a triangle piece of black cloth that fit
      in the zip of pants. It had a loop, near one corner, made of black hat
      elastic that looped over button and a strip of velco on another corner to
      fit in the button hole.

      This made it adjustable and very comfortable – no

      Brisbane, Australia

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