Marshmallow Rabbit

Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Marshmallow Rabbit

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      For a fun Easter craft for preschool aged kids, look no further than this marshmallow rabbit. It comes in edible and less-edible versions. (See Tips for the edible version.)

      What you’ll need:
      Front and back rabbit patterns
      1 large marshmallow
      1 cotton ball
      How to make it:
      Print out the pattern.
      Glue the pattern onto cardstock.
      Color the rabbit parts and cut out.
      Lay the front rabbit pattern face down and apply glue to the back. Set the marshmallow in the glue. Apply more glue to the marshmallow and set the back of the rabbit onto the glue. Apply a little more glue on the back of the rabbit and put on the cotton tail. Let dry.
      This is a project that is indeed very appealing to preschoolers.
      So, instead of using glue, use “royal icing” to glue the body parts to the front and back of the marshmallow and use a mini marshmallow for a tail. This way, if the children can’t resist eating their masterpiece, there’s no harm done!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara Marshmallow Rabbit