March 6-12

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      Sunday — cheese omlet, coffee
      Monday — eggs and grits, coffee
      Tuesday — pb&j toast, pineapple slices, and coffee
      Wednesday — Special K, milk, and coffee
      Thursday — quinoa porridge with strawberries, coffee
      Friday — rice porridge with crushed pineapple, coffee
      Saturday — Morracan tea, toast, and pineapple chunks
      Total — $7.96

      Sunday — Cajun shrimp over rice
      Monday — chicken a la king over pasta
      Tuesday — leftover hoppin’ johne
      Wednesday — steak and snow peas
      Thursday — fish tacos
      Friday — chicken curry
      Saturday — lamb salad
      Total — %5.98

      Sunday – Indian shrimp with rice and peas…$12.68
      Monday – bangers and mash with cabbage… $7.12
      Tuesday – avocado-bean wrap…$3.15
      Wednesday – lemon chicken with potatoes and kale…$6.99
      Thursday – beef and mushroom stir-fry over rice noodles…$11.96
      Friday – salmon burgers with asparagus and tomatoes…$11.20
      Saturday – pork stew with oranges, okra, and cornbread… $7.32
      Total –$60.42

      Total for the week — $74.36
      mornincoffee smilie

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