March 27-April 2

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      Sunday – strawberry/banana Cheerios with milk, blueberries and blackberries
      Monday – bacon, egg, cheese, and potato burrito
      Tuesday – blueberry pancakes and sausage
      Wednesday – breakfast salad with blackberries, blueberries, and mango
      Thursday – chicken biscuits
      Friday – basted eggs, bacon, and toast
      Saturday – oatmeal with bananas
      Total – $.59

      Balsamic vinegar Triscuit Crackers and Irish cheddar cheese
      Melba toast
      Trail mix
      Total — $1.99

      Sunday – leftover black bean soup
      Monday – leftover poor man’s burrito bowl
      Tuesday –leftover turkey skillet
      Wednesday – leftover cowboy salad
      Thursday – leftover Buffalo chicken
      Friday – leftover BBQ beef and beans
      Saturday – leftover shrimp scampi
      Total — $0

      Sunday – taco cheeseburger skillet and salad…$2.97
      Monday – whole roasted chicken, baked stuffed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts…$5.37
      Tuesday – loaded mashed potato bowl and salad…$1.49
      Wednesday – black bean chili and crusty bread…$1.49*
      Thursday – BBQ bean sliders and salad…$1.99
      Friday – black bean and avocado enchiladas…$1.49
      Saturday – black bean quesadillas and salad…$1.49

      Total — $16.29

      Total for the week –$18.77

      *I love black beans and use them a lot. I decided to make a double-batch of black beans and use them in as many ways as I could think of for dinner. With the rising cost of meat, we need to find alternative means of protein. In my opinion, not only are black beans the tastiest, but the most protein equivalent to meat. I also wanted to test just how far I could take black beans. I think that I did pretty well!

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