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      Sunday – fried egg sandwich
      Monday – sausage and cheese biscuit
      Tuesday – turkey sausage biscuit
      Wednesday – turkey sausage and cheese biscuit
      Thursday – English muffin with cream cheese and crab meat
      Friday – oatmeal with brown sugar and hazel nuts
      Saturday – eggs, sunny-side-up and toast
      Total – $.89

      Mixed nuts
      Salty and sweet nut bar
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Total — $1.49

      Sunday – chef’s salad
      Monday – leftover BBQ beef and cabbage
      Tuesday – sautéed chicken breast over salad greens
      Wednesday – leftover coq au vin
      Thursday – leftover pork and noodles
      Friday – pork loin sandwich
      Saturday – Reuben sandwich (using leftovers)
      Total — $3

      Sunday – BBQ beef stuffed baked potatoes and salad…$2.97*
      Monday – roasted leg quarter, brown rice, lemon-pepper green beans…$7.47**
      Tuesday – whole, lemon-roast chicken, buttered noodles, and salad…$7.47
      Wednesday – bubble and squeak with chicken…$4.99
      Thursday – chicken soup and salad…$2.98
      Friday – summer rolls, and spinach-stuffed baked potatoes…$5.97
      Saturday – Crockpot mac and cheese with salad… $2.89
      Total — $34.74

      Total for the week — $40.12

      *I bought a 4-lb roast marked down a couple of weeks ago, cooked it in the Crockpot, and shredded it. Then, I portioned it up into four containers to prepare four separate meals, putting three in the freezer. This is the first of four planned meals. So the cost that you are getting it the cost for each individual meal. Check back in next week;-D

      **This roasted chicken will go towards making today’s meal and the following three meals! As with the beef meals, the cost is for the individual meals.

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