March 22-28

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      Sunday — grits and eggs, coffee
      Monday — oatmeal and peaches, coffee
      Tuesday — peanut butter toast, peach smoothie, coffee
      Wednesday — eggs and toast, coffee
      Thursday — cheesy grits, coffee
      Friday — oatmeal and blueberries, coffee
      Saturday — blueberry smoothie, coffee
      Total — $1.49

      Sunday — split pea soup and crusty bread
      Monday — pork and cabbage
      Tuesday — taco (leftovers)
      Wednesday — chicken pot pie (leftovers)
      Thursday — black bean soup (leftovers)
      Friday — spaghetti (leftovers)
      Saturday — pork chop, potatoes, and peas (leftovers)
      Total — $2

      Sunday – chicken curry with tomatoes and peas…$3.56
      Monday – cheeseburger flatbread pizza…$1.49
      Tuesday – salmon, potatoes, and broccoli…$3.86
      Wednesday – sausage, potato, and onion stuffed peppers…$3.49
      Thursday – broccoli and pasta casserole…$1.18
      Friday – turkey and pumpkin chili…$2.88
      Saturday – sweet potato and steak salad…$2.27
      Total — $18.73

      Total for the week — $22.22…love that mark-down bin!

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