March 22-28

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      Weekly Menu Plan March 22-28


      Sunday – Belvita cinnamon-brown sugar breakfast cookies
      Monday – breakfast salad
      Tuesday – Chocolate almond nut bar and mandarin orange
      Wednesday – fried egg sandwich on toast
      Thursday – yogurt with peaches, bananas, and blueberries
      Friday – grits
      Saturday – Oats and Honey Cheerios with strawberries and milk
      Total – $5.96


      Garlic Ritz Crackers and gruyere cheese
      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Total — $3.32


      Sunday – beef brisket sandwich
      Monday – leftover chili
      Tuesday – leftover chicken casserole
      Wednesday – cubed steak sandwich
      Thursday – fried chicken salad
      Friday – Italian sausage sandwich
      Saturday – leftover ribs
      Total — $10


      Sunday – tuna melt sandwiches, almond-cranberry celery logs, and artichoke dip with corn chips…$2.94
      Monday – crab cakes, creamy cucumber spread with toasted pita bread, with hummus and red pepper celery logs…$7.4
      Tuesday – Crockpot corned beef and veggies…$9.99
      Wednesday – baked chicken quarters, mac and cheese, salad, and vanilla muffins…$6.99
      Thursday – grilled pork chops, potato salad, broccoli, and coconut cream pie…$$7.99
      Friday – roast chicken with potatoes and carrots…$5.97
      Saturday – baked spaghetti and broccoli…$4.58
      Total — $45.93

      Total for the week — $65.21

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