March 20-26

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      Sunday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Monday — Special K with milk, pineapple chunks, and coffee
      Tuesday — hard boiled egg sandwich on toast, coffee
      Wednesday — Morracan tea, pineapple chunks, and buttered toast
      Thursday — egg casserole, coffee
      Friday — rice porridge, coffee
      Saturday — quinoa porridge with strawberries, coffee
      Total — $5.94

      Sunday — lima beans and smoked sausage
      Monday — chicken wings, carrot and celery sticks
      Tuesday — broccoli and pasta
      Wednesday — sweet potato salad
      Thursday — tilapia salad
      Friday — chicken Ceasar salad
      Saturday — steak sandwich
      Total — $2.98

      Sunday – mushroom lasagna and salad…$3.08
      Monday – tilapia, potatoes, and green beans…$10.36
      Tuesday – spinach salad and crusty bread…$3.96
      Wednesday – minestrone and crusty bread…$5.48
      Thursday – turkey chili and tortilla chips…$3.96
      Friday – steak, roasted cauliflower, and orange salad…$12.84
      Saturday – salmon, bok choy, and carrots…$11.96
      Total — $51.28

      Total for the week — $60.20

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