March 18-24

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      Sunday – waffles with honey, cream cheese, and walnuts
      Monday – Canadian bacon and cheese wrap
      Tuesday – strawberry yogurt smoothie and apple slices
      Wednesday – cinnamon-spice oatmeal
      Thursday – sausage, egg, and cheese on English muffin
      Friday – strawberry yogurt smoothie and apple slices
      Saturday – cinnamon-spice oatmeal
      Total – $3.50

      Turkey-cucumber roll-ups
      Cheese slices
      Mandarin oranges
      Total — $3.96

      Sunday – French onion soup
      Monday – crab rangoons
      Tuesday – chicken wontons
      Wednesday – mushroom and pork wontons
      Thursday – chicken salad sandwich
      Friday – wonton soup
      Saturday – roasted potatoes and veggies
      Total — $9.03

      Sunday – fried chicken livers and buttered green beans…$1.49
      Monday – leftover perch and salad…$0
      Tuesday – leftover lemon pine nut pasta with broccoli…$0
      Wednesday – leftover chicken livers, salad, and muffin cherry pie…$1.99
      Thursday – leftover perch, fried okra, and rhubarb pie…$2
      Friday – leftover pasta meal and double chocolate chip muffin…$2.50
      Saturday – lemon and herb roasted chicken and fried okra…$2.99
      Total — $10.97

      Total for the week — $27.46

      Note: I really do like leftovers! I live alone, but still (because I want to) make family-sized meals to save money. Sometimes I’ll freeze portions of meals that are freezer friendly, but only when I prepare something like lasagna. And the chicken that I’m preparing next Saturday will make five different ‘leftover meals’ for lunch and/or dinner!
      eat drink smilie

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