March 15-21

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      Sunday — oatmeal with peaches, coffee
      Monday — peanut butter toast, coffee
      Tuesday — eggs over easy with toast and coffee
      Wednesday — cheesy grits, coffee
      Thursday — oatmeal with peaches, coffee
      Friday — toast with grape jelly, strawberry smoothie and coffee
      Saturday — basted eggs, toast, and coffee
      Total — $13.93 (had to restock the pantry)

      Sunday — leftover ragu from the freezer
      Monday — leftover split pea soup from the freezer
      Tuesday — leftover lamb, potatoes, and green beans
      Wednesday — leftover linguine with clams and spinach
      Thursday — salisbury steak and mashed potatoes from the freezer
      Friday — leftover broccoli and cheese soup with crusty bread
      Saturday — ham and Swiss sandwich with salad
      Total — $2

      Sunday – pork chops, mashed potatoes, and peas…$7.96
      Monday – Tex-Mex black bean soup with tortilla chips…$2.13
      Tuesday – chicken pot pie (using leftover chicken…$1.53
      Wednesday – beef tacos (using portioned ground beef from the freezer) and slaw…$1.27
      Thursday – fish chowder…$7.99
      Friday – pork tenderloin and spinach…$7.96
      Saturday – spaghetti and artichoke…$3.49
      Total — $32.33

      Grand total — $48.26!
      2gwb921 smilie

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