March 14-20

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      Sunday – cranberry almond nut bar
      Monday – pb&j toast
      Tuesday – sausage omelet
      Wednesday – fake McMuffin
      Thursday – eggs and grits
      Friday – pb&j toast
      Saturday – raspberry Special K with milk
      Total – $.57

      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and cheddar cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $.50

      Sunday – grilled chicken sandwich
      Monday –leftover ravioli
      Tuesday – leftover ramen
      Wednesday – egg salad on Melba toast
      Thursday – leftover chili
      Friday – chicken parmesan sandwich
      Saturday – baked chicken over greens
      Total — $10

      Sunday – poor man’s burrito bowl…$1
      Monday – curried lentil and pumpkin soup and crust bread…$3.58
      Tuesday – ham with walnut glaze, mac and cheese, and Brussels sprouts…$10.47
      Wednesday –smothered pork chops, baked potatoes, salad, and tiramisu cake…$6.99
      Thursday – pasta primavera…$.50
      Friday – skillet seafood paella and salad…$6.45
      Saturday – rib roast and broccoli fettuccini alfredo…$17.94
      Total — $46.93

      Total for the week — $58

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