March 13-19

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      Sunday — soft boiled eggs, toast, and coffee
      Monday — Belvita biscuits, pineapple slices, and coffee
      Tuesday — cheese grits, coffee
      Wednesday — pb&j toast, tangelo, and coffee
      Thursday — Special K, pineapple slices, and coffee
      Friday — Morracan tea, toast, and tangelo
      Saturday — egg casserole, coffee
      Total — $7.50

      Sunday — baked chicken and sauteed corn
      Monday — turkey neck soup
      Tuesday — avocado bean wrap
      Wednesday — lemon chicken with kale
      Thursday — bangers and mash
      Friday — pork stew
      Saturday — salmon burger
      Total — $5

      Sunday – sweet potato salad over arugula…$5.97
      Monday – chicken Cesar salad over kale…$5.98
      Tuesday – steak and baked potato…$5.98
      Wednesday – tilapia with orange and tomato salad, and couscous…$5.97
      Thursday – Reuben sandwich…$5.98
      Friday – broccoli and pasta with pesto…$4.72
      Saturday – chili chicken and asparagus…$6.08
      Total — $46.66

      Total for the week — $59.16
      piggy bank

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      How many do you make your menus for? I’m feeding 5. The two guys seem to never be full.

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      I make some meals for two, but mostly for four so that I have lunches. Let me know what you are interested in and I’ll gladly share how to expand my recipes!

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