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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans "marathon cooking"

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      Once every three or four weeks my mom and I will do what we refer to as “marathon cooking”. I’m single so it’s hard to cook without eating the same thing for 5 days in a row and it’s just her and dad at home now. So I’ll sit down and make up a list of ingredients for about 6 recipes.

      This usually includes 3 soups or stews, something made in the crockpot (ie: beef and noodles, shredded chicken) and 1 or 2 casseroles in the oven. We usually throw in a dessert for good measure. We grocery shop together usually on Sat evening after I get off work.

      Then Sunday morning around 9:30 we’ll start cooking. It goes a lot faster with both of us in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. We’re done by two most days.

      Then as we get done with a recipe we divide it into individual serving freezer containers. I have an upright freezer in the basement so there is plenty of storage space. We split the grocery bill and the containers.

      We find that this usually ends up costing us less then $2.00 a serving. Way better then the fast food we were eating way to much of. And it gives us a better variety.

      Does anyone have any recipes of things that freeze really well? Would love some new things to try in our rotation!

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      What a great idea, and you get to spend some quality time with your mom. There are lots of recipes forums. If you click on home at the top of this page,(on the leftside) then scroll down to the recipes. There are many to choice from.

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      Have you ever tried lasagna rolls? Mix up your filling as usual, but instead of layering in a pan you spoon the filling over a cooked lasagna noodle (leaving about 2 inches bare at the end) and roll it up! You can freeze it as is and add the sauce when you cook it, or freeze with the sauce on it, whichever works for you.

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      Lots of things will freeze check out any of the recipes and I am sure will find several depending on what you are in the mood for. Have fun, sounds like you have a great one on one opp with your mom doing this! 🙂

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      No I’ve never had Lasagna rolls but that sounds awesome. And just the kind of thing I was looking for.

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      lasagna rolls

      what an excellent idea. a new twist to lasagna.

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      Great idea! I wish I had a bigger freezer!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans "marathon cooking"