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      Maple-roasted Nuts

      about 1 cup walnuts or pecans
      2-3 Tablespoons maple syrup

      Place nuts in a colander and shake to remove any powdery bits that might
      burn. Transfer nuts to a cast-iron skillet and roast over medium-high
      heat until they begin to change color and smell fragrant (just a few
      minutes). Pour maple syrup over nuts in hot pan and stir and shake for a
      minute until all nuts are coated and syrup has evaporated. Pour nuts
      onto wooden cutting board and immediately fill skillet with water and
      place in sink. Use a spatula or other tool to scrape nuts off of cutting
      board and keep them moving for a minute or so while they cool (otherwise
      they’ll stick to the cutting board). Transfer nuts to a bowl and put
      cutting board under hot water (to prevent sugar from sticking to board &
      becoming hard to clean!). Eat and enjoy as a snack, or serve with fruit,
      or put on a salad.

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