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      As I typically do, after classes and working out, I head to Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, and grab dinner — because I know it will be 1) organic, 2) fresh and 3) somewhat healthy.

      I grabbed a drink (of course because it was on sale, lol) out of the produce cooler because it looked “interesting”…

      Mamma Chia is the brand —

      It’s different. Not very sweet, and felt weird going down. To give you a picture of it, imagine drinking semi-melted tapioca pudding…

      you can feel something squishy going down, that has little to no taste.

      I can’t say that it was a pleasant feeling, it was just weird.

      It looks like a bunch of strawberry seeds floating around in a glass bottle, but it has the consistency of tapioca pudding that has started to liquify.

      I don’t want to put anyone off by the description (ok maybe I do), but it won’t be the first thing I reach for when I go for a drink at Whole Foods anymore….one trip around the rodeo stadium is enough for me…Coca Cola please!!

      The only perk to this beverage is 2500 mg of Omega 3, 6 and 9 — at least it’s not Cod liver oil or something as equally repulsive…

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