Male neighbor cat spraying our front door area.. please help

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      I promise. I will not ask anyone else another question about the dog. I directed my question to one person who said that she worked with a veterinarian.

      I did not expect to be attacked for trying to find a loving home for an aging dog. i could just take her to the gas chamber and kill her. instead, i am doing everything in my power to find her a kind, considerate home.

      it was a simple question.

      btw – shannon, there is no way in hell i would let anything with a heartbeat live with you. not even an insect.


      thegoatsmeow wrote: She didn’t indicate any allergies or aggression. I wasn’t being rude, I was being honest. People ditch animals every day for stupid reasons – and her reasons weren’t anything reasonable as far as her post indicated – the dog wasn’t aggressive, no one was allergic, etc. My comments weren’t rude and plenty of other people were thinking the same thing but didn’t post it.

      You indicated allergies – she did not. She mentioned one of them had to go (the baby or the dog) and it was going to be the dog. There didn’t appear to be much pain in her decision, at least from how she worded the post. I always wonder if people who wanted to move into an apartment that didn’t allow kids – would they get rid of their children?

      Most would not….
      they’d find a different place to live that allowed kids. Why should things be different with a pet – they depend on you the same as a child and are a heck of a lotcheaper and don’t talk back!
      Bottom line is the dog is sixteen years old.

      it’s going to be traumatic to rehome the dog (if she’s lucky enough to be able to do so to someone with good intentions). the dog doesn’t have much time left anyway – so if it’s not hurting the baby – the humane thing to do is keep the dog. I also love how people bring up taking their pet to a farm(not speaking of the op directly here, just a general statement)…

      well i have a farm. i don’t want your pet – i have plenty of my own. when someone dumps their pet, it’s people like me
      who get stuck with your problem…

      i have to feed your pet, provide it vet care, etc. letting your pet roam, especially in farm terrority, which has foxes, coyotes and the like, isn’t a wise idea. there’s rabies and cars as well.

      If you made a poor decision (not speaking directly of op here) and have a pet that doesn’t suit you anymore… well you made your bed, lie in it. pets require commitment – they’re not a fashion accessory or temporary affection..

      they are a lifetime commitment.


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      From: Frances Chavez

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      12pt;color: blue;font-family: Arial;”>Shannon

      12pt;color: blue;font-family: Arial;”>Not being rude here – but you were with some of these comments.

      This woman is trying to find a good home for her 16yo baby. You do not know all the family situations/conditions. We had to rehome our four legged baby when our middle daughter was born due to the fact that she was a premature infant with breathing problems and allergies related specifically to the dog.

      It was heart breaking enough without hearing comments like this. She was asking for advice not additional guilt. Not being rude but children come before pets.*”>Sucker-punch spam with award-winning protection.
      Try the*”>free Yahoo! Mail Beta.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Male neighbor cat spraying our front door area.. please help