Male neighbor cat spraying our front door area.. please help

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      The dog is not “disposable”, but since an adult has to make the decision and my baby is not leaving, guess what?

      For your uninformed self, I personally raised two pets from birth until their deaths at ages 19 and 20. Both lived long healthy, quite spoiled lives under my care.

      I did not ask for your judgment, just a realistic suggestion. I am trying to keep this dog alive as the first course of judgment. I did not feel the need to go into deep, graphic detail.

      I am just trying to find the dog a place to live so she is not put to sleep because she is not a “brand new puppy”.



      TheGoatsMeow wrote: You’re dumping a 16 year old member of your family because of a new baby? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s horrible. The stress of your dog leaving you and then adjusting to a new family is going to difficult for the dog..

      that in itself could kill the dog. Why do so many people think animals are disposable once a baby comes?The dog provided you with unconditional love and companionship and you ‘reward’ the dog for his loyalty by getting rid of her/him? You haven’t mentioned that he/she has been aggressive and tried to attack the baby.

      You haven’t mentioned anything negatiave except for you have a new baby and prefer the new baby to the dog.Do you
      just not have time for her now and want to get rid of her becuase she’s an inconvenience?
      Pets are a lifetime commitment. Why do so few people see that?


      Original Message
      From: Herlean To: Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2007 11:26 PM Subject: Re: : Re: Male neighbor cat spraying our front door area..

      please help/Senior Dog
      Since you work for a vet, maybe you can help me out:
      Does anybody adopt 16 year old dogs??????????? Really! We have one and a new baby.

      Since one of them has to go and the baby is staying, I have been calling shelters, agencies that say they adopt “senior” dogs, etc. and I have not found anybody who will adopt this dog. Our only other option seems to be putting her down.

      My husband is afraid if we take her to a shelter, in 3 days,
      she will be put down anyway. I called a few of the “no-kill” shelters and they refused to take her in.
      I have considered giving her away on Freecycle, but I want to know that they will actually take care of her, not lie and then do something to her.

      The first option is to find a new home for her. Some people told us to contact the vets office and see what is available there. I am calling tomorrow.

      Any suggestions???????? If nothing comes to fruition, it seems her days are numbered. She would do well on a farm or someplace with a lot of room to run around.

      She is a beagle. A solution needs to be found one way or the other and the sooner, the better. Thanks!


      lisa griffeth wrote: I work for a Veterinarian and answer this question easily 20 times daily: Neutering the cat won’t stop the spraying- oncea cat has “learned” to spray, it’s a hard habit to break… I do agree with keeping catsinside if at all possible- both to keep from annoying neighbors and for the health and longivity of the cat’s life…inside cats tend to live much longer than their outside counterparts. JMHO Lisa G.

      In the mean time, talk with the neighbor, make them aware of
      problem, and ask that they contain the cat or get it fixed to avoid
      this problem.

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