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      ok I think these prices are right, it has been some time since I made
      my last batch (last forever) I no longer use the zote and ivory, I use
      the soap that I make for our bath, so my bars are pennies per piece,
      but I have included them in this for a real price comparison.

      zote .79 per bar (3 bars) 2.37
      ivory 1.00 per bar (3 bars)3.00
      non cholorine bleach 1.99 per box
      baking soda 1.69 per box
      washing soda 2.39 per box
      borax 2.49 per box

      recipe grate bars of soap mix everything together, leave in powder
      form, use 1-2 tbs per load (yep I use this in my front loader, and I do
      2-3 loads a day) I make this about 1x a year. so probably about 1095
      loads of laundry, give or take the 1 year but pretty close. about 11.56
      per batch, we will round up instead of down to 12.00 per batch…
      that is .01 per load.

      Not bad, I say, if these prices are wrong or
      figures are wrong someone please correct.

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      I bought Ivory at Walmart and it was 12 bars for $3.77. Although, I
      am now not going to Walmart as much.

      I bet the detergent with homemade soap smells yummy.


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      Kelli, I have started making my own laundry detergent as well and love it! do
      use all of the ingredients to make one batch? if so what do you use to store it


      nancy in pa

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      going to the market on Friday. Made my list of supplies to get!! I can not wait to start using it!

      Just one thing? Sorry if this sounds stupid but, what is washing soda and where do I find it?

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      I know that this is an old post, but I make my own, and use an old ‘pods’ (laundry soap) container for storage.

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