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      Making Your Own Brown Sugar

      Making your own brown sugar is easy and cheaper than buying it at the
      supermarket; it tastes great on cooked oatmeal in the morning or used in any
      recipe calling for brown sugar.

      To 1 cup granulated sugar, add 2 Tablespoons molasses. Stir together until
      evenly mixed with a fork. After trying it once, vary it by using 1 Tablespoon
      molasses, using the dark molasses or the light molasses.

      We prefer 1 cup sugar
      to 1 Tablespoon light molasses, but I have made all the other variations. I make
      a double batch every time

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      I heard that all refined products including white flour,is unhealthy

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      These days, nearly everything is unhealthy in one way or another. For diabetics, the rule of thumb is anything white stay away from. But as for this, I have been making my own like this for years.

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      ok, I have been a frugal die hard for a really long time……..I have to say (and I don’t know why)I have never thought of making my own brown sugar-I didn’t think there was that big of a price difference, thank you!!!!

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