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      Okay, what is the Oyster cracker snack? I would love to know.

      I raised my kids and they are all grown up and out. As all parents know when you raise your kids you look back and say I wished I would have done that different ect.

      So now I know. I want to make healthy snacks for kids and go heathly eating and not so much the spaghettios and raviolis out of the can, the frozen chicken nuggets ect. I want to have more healthy eating and not introduce them to so many sweets and candy.

      I sure will do things diffrent this time round. Not to say my kids are not healthy but my son was hyper and I really did have to watch the things he ate. I have learned too that hyper and bad behavior can be a food allergy as well.

      My sister has a daughter that had a real attitude and all and behavior issues and here she is allergic to a lot of foods that caused it. She can’t have most flours, peanut butter and nuts, its amazing. They have to have her go to a nutritionalist for recipes and food.

      I had trouble getting my kids to eat vegies when they were young and never thought a moment of the idea of making vegie puries to put into their food.

      I learned that since and try to tell my children to do this if their kids won’t eat their vegies.


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      Does anyone have anymore snack mix recipes that they’d like to share?
      I tried the oyster cracker one and the kids loved it. It’s definitely
      worth making & is cheap. My kids love snack time in the afternoon &
      eat like horses.

      It’s hard to keep up after them.


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