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      Does anyone know how to make pure vanilla extract. Someone told me to use
      fresh vanilla beans and vodka. I don’t know where to find fresh vanilla beans.
      I also need instructions on how to make it

      Thank you,

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      i saw some vanilla beans at an international food store i shop at. i don’t know if was sale price or not, it was 3.99 a pound.. i couldn’t help myself and i kept walking by them and smelling them..

      the air just smelled amazing.

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      I’ve been making my own vanilla extract for about 5 years now – I just split seven or eight vanilla beans open and stick them in a tall bottle of vodka (not sure what size that would be – the bottles that are about the same size as a wine bottle). Let them sit for six months or so, then use. I don’t even strain it – I don’t mind the little flecks of vanilla.

      As soon as I start using one bottle, I start “brewing” the next, so that I always have some on hand.

      I buy my beans on ebay – there’s a guy there who sells them for about $26 a pound. They last for years if you store them properly.

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      We also make our own vanilla extract, vanilla sugar and vanilla ice cream using pure vanilla beans that we purchase on amazon– fairly cheaply. We vacuum seal ours to keep them fresh and they last ages without loss of quality.

      I never buy more than 12-16 beans at a time, a little goes a LONG way.

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      The one dr. i work with sometimes goes to madagascar every year and he brings back fresh vanilla beans……hello…i need those beans..i want to make some vanilla extract..which i dont see him but twice a…errrggg…lol….

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      @Savin’ Moola 2448 wrote:

      Does anyone know how to make pure vanilla extract.

      There is a really yummy recipe for making your own right here on the site, I made some back this winter. Here is the recipe: – – Homemade Vanilla Extract: Recipes & Tips | Make Your Own Recipes from

      you can get the vanilla beans from the link in the page.

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      Jennifer Green

      I get my vanilla beans from the bulk store. They come in glass tubes I think there is 2 per tube for somewhere around 5 dollars. When my jars get low, I just top them up again with new vodka when I run out.

      They do need to sit a minimum of 3-4 months before use. These have been sitting for about 2 months, they aren’t there yet, but another month or so will do. I used, I want to say, a 700 mill bottle of vodka and 2 beans per container.

      This is my 3rd top up. I will probably toss in another bean the next time I refresh the vodka in each bottle.

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      Thanks for this thread. I just started to use my first batch of extract and I won’t be looking back!

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      You can make homemade pure vanilla extract?? I didn’t know that was possible! Ok so rookie question; what is the difference between pure and imitation vanilla?

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Equivalents & Substitutions making pure vanilla extract