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      Thank you for your kind email and warning – I promise not to pay anyone to

      work from home”. Any legitimate employer of any type is not going to require

      money up front – unless you’re going into business with a company like Avon,

      Herbalife, or another like enterprise.

      I’m just simply looking for legitimate companies which as you say, are in

      short supply at this time. I know how to work from my home – have done so in

      many ways over the years and am currently just in a “down” spot. As for

      someone recommending parties for children? Thank you, no. I raised mine –

      did that enough already. Not that it wouldn’t be good but – there is so much

      involved I don’t think my physical location (30 miles to the nearest town)

      would be a plus with fuel costs as they are. I feel the right thing will

      come along eventually.

      What is truly irritating is that I was sent a link privately from someone

      who recommended a site that is simply listing all of the “other survey sites

      to sign up with – and none of them legitimate for actually making money

      without SPENDING it first. The majority of the offers say you need to

      complete 2-3 “gold or silver” offers before your cash will be available.

      Talk about an oxymoron. I will be very careful what I ask/wish for from now

      on, I can tell you. The old bait and switch sure is out there in full swing

      – and I am thankful I used an e-mail I set up specifically for such things –

      the spam mail is amazing!

      Thanks for all the replies – something will come along. At the moment I’m an

      aspiring artist with a block but the painting urge is about to return and I

      might just be listing my art on eBay in the near future. 🙂 First I have to

      paint a bedroom! LOL



      From: pscheiner


      Be careful. There are many, many scams intended to fleece you out of

      $20 (handling cost they claim) to give you more information on the

      home work opportunity. True internet paying jobs are few and far

      between right now.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Making money online – thank you… :)