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      Bills or Food,Jobs,Welfare…..been there done that I’m sure sometime I will be there again.You never know what will happen. I have had jobs,been homeless with child and pregnant…young dumb and in love…ya know how it goes. I had a job I loved and was lucky enough to find after my divorce,payed 7$ an hour I’m in Oklahoma.

      I also worked in home health for 8$ hour basicly I went and cleaned housed and maybe ran an errand or 2,no certification required and worked at a mom and pop sewing shop for 6$.an hour. None of them was full time. I dont know how I did it.

      My daughter was a teenager and we had troubles! she felt abondened and acted out severly. You can try to explain to your children you have to do this and that to keep a roof over your heads but in the end they only want you time.

      I got a job with a cable company that paid better with any overtime I wanted. I hated it with a passion!!
      I got bit@#y,sick more, when I was off I partied more..drank…my teenage daughter still felt abondened and ignored,we went to counseling 2times a week.
      Sometimes no matter what you do things suck. You try to choose the lesser of 2 evils and hope you wont end up in hell.

      I found a loving man we married I told him I couldnt take that job anymore so he said quit, he could tell I wasnt happy. my daughter is a wife and mother who just bought thier first house. We talk on the phone everyday spend at least 2days a week out doing things thrift storing taking lil one to the park.

      I started my own business I sell cotton candy!! lol long story how that started. I make more in a weekend then I did working all week at a job I hated.

      Its not easy but enjoyable to me. Have you thought of selling something at your local fleamarkets?? craft show.

      you do have to pay for booth rents but you decide if you want to do that show or not maybe you could get another mom who is struggeling and would like to give it a go. Hand make things sell
      better then mass made stuff. I noticed that pet items go very well….one craft show I was at sold a doggie bed for 175.$ looked like one of those lil brass doll beds all did up with tiger print material…what do I know tho.

      Dog collars cloths treats..they all seemed to be selling well,also personalized items for babys children or grandparents. fall and christmas are the most profitable times for those. I went the long way around I know but things will work themselves out,maybe not how we want it but how its meant to be.

      You’ll look back and say well If I hadnt went down that path I wouldnt of got here.
      oh yeah. does your husband have any car parts laying around? My husband is into drag racing and he sold some car parts carbs,rims piston rings…etc on ebay and made about 1200 that month he was suprised.

      I was to, I never made that much on ebay. Just make sure he doesnt turn around and spend it again…mine did but thats ok he was looking for money to build a different car and I suggested it to him and now he thinks I’m a genius….:-). If you need immediate cash garage sales are good.


      Ahhh…imagining that irresistible “new car” smell?
      Check out

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