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      HI. Does nayone know of a way I can make extras money without taking on

      another Fulltime Job? I work overnights and we are really tight on

      money so I need to figure out a way. Thanks

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      During the summer I go to garage sales. I pick up things for the house, Christmas, clothes and I also pick up things that I know will sell on e-bay. Then I put about 10 things at a time on e-bay and I usually make about $100 doing this each time. Then I use that money to purchase things we need from e-bay or transfer it to my checking account.

      This works for me, but then I have extra time. If you don’t have the time for the garage sales, you can declutter but when the clutter is gone, you will need to replenish your e-bay sales supply or this won’t work for you. dash

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