Making extra money?

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      Can you tell us a little more about your job? You answer phones? For what kind

      of company? Any selling involved? I’m not a sales oriented person in the least.

      I have a good part time job but would love to make some extra money in my spare

      time. I’m home anyway, might as well be productive and get rid of some debt!


      Donna NJ=====================


      Date: 2007/04/22 Sun AM 11:28:12 CDT


      Cc: Makalei Ohlund <>

      Subject: Re: : Re:Making extra money?

      I work at home answering phones the pay isnt always that great. But I can work

      the hours I want and I dont have to spend money on gas.

      —- Makalei Ohlund <> wrote:

      > I love Watkins stuff! I need a few things!




      > > You could earn and save money at the same time with Watkins products.

      > > Definately, not a get rich scheme.

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