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      I can try to help you here. I own a “scrapbooking for others” small home biz that has slowed down due to my “procastination disease”. There is a very good yahoogroup for it.

      Just enter the search word “scrapbooking 4 others”, it is moderated for approval, but once you get in, there is a great community there. I’ve created various “page kits” and sold them on Ebay from anywhere from $2-$15 depending on who intricate they are. But Ebay has slowed down quite a bitsince the holidays.I’ve also tried a year of local craft shows/fairs (in 4 shows I made about $450 minus the fees to purchase a spot/booth).

      And I’ve sold a few hand made greeting cards for $2-5 each (Borders carriers some simple ones selling for $6.95 each) as well as full premade 6×6 albums with new baby, seasons, and alphabet motiff’s. Now scrapbooking for others comes from the idea
      of completely doing someone elses album for them. There are a lot of people who are collecting photos and just don’t have the time to put them in an album.

      You can come in and offer this service. You pretty much meet with them to discuss how many pictures, how they want them organized, have them write down their own ideas and comments to the pics which they can either handwrite themselves later or you can do if your hand writing is good or print out on computer. You can price per page (one side, both sides) or as a combined amount (10 page, 20 page, etc).

      I’ve seen more established scrapbookers charge up to $350-$1500 for a complete 12×12, 10 page album. A new area I’ve seen open up is wedding albums. So many people not only want the pictures in them, but they want the emblishments and thoughts/comments added to it. I’ve seen these shoot up to the thousand dollar range.

      Then there are also the added areas like just sorting the photographs and putting them in boxes as well as scanning the pics and burning them on discs. Scrapbooking is endless just because memories are always being made. Your only limited by procrastination (like me).

      Some people actually have full blown sales web sites. You set up a simple one with Homestead and just have your clients call you to order all the way to sitesthey can order directly from. You process the payment, package up the product and send it to them.

      Then there are many others, as you say they are asking you about, just good old “word of mouth”. As if this response isn’t long enough…if you have anymore questions, you can contact me privately. I’m not an expert, just some experience.

      Good luck, and go for it!!! Catherine

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