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      If you think you can use it, how about looking at various Christmas

      charity groups? It’s not much help (more people in recent years

      needing the help, and less people being able to donate), but it IS


      You could also try and do some homemade items for giving them. It

      wouldn’t hurt to sit them down, either, and just explain that

      Christmas may be a bit smaller this year, because of bills.

      I bought my first Christmas item at the begining of September, and

      I’m got the kids mostly done. This year has been good for us in

      terms of a bit of extra money, though.

      When I was in the closet the other day, I also found a stash of

      items I had picked up last year that I never gave to anyone, which

      finished off what I bought for my older neice, as well as giving me

      a special ornament for both the girls- In March, I found a Hallmark

      that was going out of business, and got some cute girly ornaments

      for around $1 each. I still need to get my son something, but at

      least the girls have it covered.

      You could also try looking at Dollar Tree. I don’t like to buy junk,

      but I love perusing what they have, because often, they have great

      little items.

      I found packets of tiny sparkly stickers (Spiderman for Chris,

      Tinkerbell for Raegan, My Little Ponies for Gilly, and Barbie for my

      neice Aubree, who will be here Christmas morning) for the stockings,

      as well as gel pens for Raegan, matchbox car for Chris, Dora the

      Explorer card games for Gilly & Aubree, etc.

      They have character bubble bath right now, and yesterday I found a

      heart shaped trinket box made of those velvet “posters” that you

      color- the box has purple velvet, and Tinkerbell all over it, then

      it has 4 mini paper posters to color inside of it, and markers.

      Raegan will love it. a few days ago, i found her a cd full of

      sleepover music, like “girls just wanna have fun”, etc.

      they have socks that are fun- raegan is getting a pair of white knee

      highs with bright colored metallic stripes running up the sides, and

      gilly is getting a cute pair of white socks with a green carebear on

      them, and pink hearts. nothing for boys, though. 🙁

      i would just start there. my goal is to look at items, and if i can

      find each kid 1 nice item there when I go, I’ll pick 3 things up and

      tuck them away for Christmas.

      It’s not big spending- $3 each time, but it’s given me a stock pile

      of small gifts. Because we’re buying them each a hand-held game

      system this year (ds for the older two, leapster for gilly), they

      won’t be getting a lot of gifts, so these nicer dollar tree gifts

      will help round out the tree.

      then, of course, there are thrift shops. i found raegan a brand new

      paid of soccer ball slippers (she loves soccer) for $2 months ago,

      so she’s getting those, all wrapped up with her knee high socks.

      Jst the other day I found brand name boutique style clothes, like

      Limited Too, at Goodwill. I got her 2 Limited Too shirts, and a

      Limited Too short brown short sleeved jacket with sequins on the hem

      of the sleeve. I have no doubt that jacket probably originally sold

      for around $40-50, and I got it for $2, in brand new condition. She

      LOOOOVES Limited Too, but no way I’m paying those prices! I also

      found a pair of brown pants from Target with the tags still on them

      for $2. I walked out of the store with 4 nice clothing gifts for $8.

      Too bad it was Blue tag instead of green, or it’d only have been

      $4! 😉

      Get creative. Kids don’t care if someone else loved that outfit

      before them, as long as it looks good still. We also lucked out- my

      father-in-law sends us stuff all the time, including clothing my

      husband would never in his life wear. We use it to give to other

      people. This week, he sent a box with new clothes for Chris, and a

      bathrobe for him. Well, he told Nick to go ahead and wrap it up

      from “Santa” or “Mom & Dad” for Christmas if we wanted, so I did.

      The robe is going to go to Raegan, though- Chris got a brand new one

      this Spring when they were on clearance really cheap, and doesn’t

      need it. I’m going to get out this fluffy purple fuzzy fabric I

      have, and “girl” it up just a tad, but Raegan has been asking for a

      robe and will love it.

      — In, “maria”



      > Does anyone not have the Christmas spirit?? Or have the case of


      > Grinches??My cell phone has that themesong folks!! I usually start

      > shopping for Christmas in August,but the last two years,things

      poped up

      > and low and behold here I am still pondering where the time

      went,how I

      > am going to get it all done,and where the money is going to come


      > I still hadn’t even gotten my Turkey and fresh sweet potatoes!! I


      > going to have 4 family members to shop for and my tradition is buy


      > ritual underware,socks,toothbrushes and paste and Christmas pajamas

      > (which I let them open on X-mas eve) to get the Christmas eve


      > But being the gas is now 3 dollars a gallon and daycare(so I can


      > is at 70 dollars a week(12 dollars extra a full day)I barley make

      > enough to pay the bills! I am needing a Winter coat and there just

      > isn’t enough money to go around again this year!! How can I make

      it a

      > good Christmas,any advice or things you can come up with would

      help me

      > greatly.

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