Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Make Your Own Trick Or Treat Bags

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      Make Your Own Trick Or Treat Bags
      1/2 yard felt fabric. I used black sparkle, with black sheer
      material with orange pumpkins on it. But as most of the sheers are
      solid black, you could use any color- green with black sheer
      spiderwebs, or orange with black pumpkins, or purple with black
      bats, etc.
      1/2 yard sheer material with pumpkins, or bats, or spider webs on
      Satin or Grosgain ribbon for handles.

      Place the material together in a rectangul, double the size you want
      the bag to be. Make sure both sides you want are facing the same
      direction, with the sheer material on top. Pin the edges together
      about an inch in.

      Sew both ends together with a straight stitch.
      Then, fold the front sides together and match them up evenly.

      Sew straight down the sides bordering the folded side. Leave the
      side opposite the border open. Attach the ribbon in a loop on the
      open side, leaving about 2 inches space between each end, and sew it

      Repeate on the other side, creating 2 handles.

      Unfold and remove all pins for a quick, cute, easy Halloween bag!
      You can even coordinate with your child’s costume. Use pink with a
      silvery sheer material for a princess costume. Red or blue with
      black spider webs for a Spider Man costume.

      Get creative!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Make Your Own Trick Or Treat Bags