Make Your Own Cup Of Soup

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      Sick Woman’s Salvation: 1 cup hot chicken bouillon with a dash of lemon
      pepper. 6 calories.

      Maggie’s Favorite: 1 cup hot chicken bouillon with a dash each of onion
      powder and cayenne pepper. 7 calories. I often add an unsalted, crumbled
      saltine cracker which brings the calories up to 20.

      Tangy Beef Cup: 1 cup hot beef bouillon with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. 5

      Spicy Beef Cup: 1/2 cup each beef bouillon and tomato juice with a shot of hot
      sauce. 23 calories.

      Chicken Curry: 1 cup hot chicken bouillon with a pinch of curry powder, 2
      teaspoons dry instant rice, or cooked rice, and a pinch of dry parsley. 21

      Country Compassion: 1 cup hot ham or beef bouillon, 1 teaspoon bacon bits; 1
      teaspoon mashed potato flakes and 1/2 teaspoon dry onion. 19 calories.

      French Onion: 1 cup beef bouillon, 1 teaspoon dry onion and a small pinch of
      garlic powder. 10 calories.

      French Onion Supreme: Prepare French Onion above. Crumble 1 saltine cracker
      into the soup, and add 1/2 teaspoon grated Parmesan cheese. 25 calories.

      Vegetable Beef: 1 cup hot beef bouillon poured over 1/2 cup shredded salad
      greens. The boiling broth will cook the vegetables just enough. Add a dash
      each hot pepper flakes, onion powder and garlic powder.

      A few celery leaves are
      also nice. 15 calories.

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      Great recipes! There’s a huge list of soup mixes here on the site too – – Homemade Soup Mix Recipes | Jar Gift Mixes

      and if you want just single serving ones, they’re listed under ‘Mug Mixes” – – Mug ~ Cup Mixes

      although I don’t think the names are quite as cute as “Sick Woman’s Salvation” :rofl:

      Thanks Armymom!

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      yw, I’ve seen the mug recipes most are like cakes and puddings.

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      Thank you for posting this, the mixes sound perfect!!
      Like most Moms, I take care of everyone while they’re sick, but I also take care of myself when I am too…I have no doubt these mixes will come in so handy.

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      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

      I am smiling all day long after finding this awesome easy recipe!!!!

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      @Armymomof2 203120 wrote:

      yw, I’ve seen the mug recipes most are like cakes and puddings.

      There’s actually quite a few single serve mixes for main meals as well,

      Baked Beans Mix in a Mug
      Chicken and Rice Casserole in a Mug Mix
      Hearty Ranch Potato Mix in a Mug
      Mac-n-Cheese Mix in a Mug
      Pasta Alfredo Mix in a Mug
      Potato Soup Mix in a Mug
      Sausage and Rice Casserole Mix in a Mug
      Sour Cream Chili Bake in a Mug
      Tomato Soup mix in a Mug
      Tortilla Soup Mix in a Mug
      Tortilla Soup in a Mug
      Tuna and Noodle Casserole in a Mug
      Veggie Rice Soup Mix in a Mug – – Single Serve Mug & Cup Mixes

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      So Saving this to a text File…So gonna try all of these Thanks a Bunch

      Oh and Thanks Freebiequeen Gonna try those alsoshowered with lovemultistars smilie

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      I didn’t see a “Thank You” button on this so Thanks for posting. I can really use this instead of eating junk on the run.

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      These sound yummy! Thank you!!

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      I don’t use bouillon cubes (allergic to an ingredient) but all of these can easily just use the broth I make and freeze all the time. Think I’ll be putting some of it up in 1 cup batches now. Some of these sound super.


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      I really like that so many can be made with dry ingredients and then just add hot water. For a camper, hiker, or prepper this is great. Also for teachers, secretaries, or anyone who needs a quick way to get a pick me up with out taking up much space in the purse.

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