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      In an effort to cut down on eating out, I learned to keep quick fix

      meals on hand (15 minutes).

      I bake ground beef, 10-20 pounds at a time in large roaster. I break

      up the meat and drain the fat every half hour. I add salt, pepper,

      garlic, onion, and cabbage (for flavor, fiber, nutrition and budget

      stretching) when it’s almost done baking and then package in two cup

      packages in plastic bags and freeze flat (takes up less space).

      I bake up soup kettles of brown rice and freeze the cooked rice in 2

      cup packages.

      With just hamburger and rice I have the basics for numerous dishes.

      Add corn, salsa and top with cheese for spanish rice.

      Add spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese for Italian casserole.

      Add american cheese, powdered milk and water or can of evaporated milk

      for a cheeseburger casserole.

      Add taco seasoning and make tacos or super nachos.

      I do the same with pork. I cook up the largest, cheapest cuts until

      the meat can be shredded with two forks. Shredded pork makes great

      pork fried rice, enchiladas, BBQ, etc.

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