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      Just enter the # to reach YOU at & the # you wish you ring and it will connect you

      Starting on 12-10-2007 Click2Voice users will be permitted to use a maximum of 30 minutes of free calls to any of its 29 destinations in any 24 hour period of time.

      Over the last 10 months Click2Voice has allowed unlimited daily minutes to all of its supported destinations. Meaning, you could make as many 15 minute long calls each day as you would like to. For example if you made a call from the US to the UK and you were not finished your conversation at the end of the 15 minutes you could just dial it again and continue your conversation.

      Due to its explosive growth exceeding its current infrastructure and with the potential for excessive holiday traffic, Click2Voice has put a temporary daily limit on the free minutes that a user can consume in any 24 hour period. Click2Voice would like to support all of its users as best it can, and in an effort to due so we have implemented this temporary daily user limit.

      We are working very hard to implement Click2Voice’s new revenue generating infrastructure which will allow us to remove the users daily limit ASAP.

      Thank you for using Click2Voice and for any input you may have.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Make Free Phone Calls