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      When we were kids, my dad would freeze our left over pancakes and
      french toast from Sunday breakfast, and then during the week, we could
      pop them in the toaster or microwave. Bacon can also be microwaved when
      raw, or reheated this way, but I don’t know how well cooked bacon
      freezes. Sausage can be pre-cooked, and also microwaved.

      These are all things you could make up on Saturday or Sunday, and
      freeze or refridgerate for during the week for home cooked, quick, and
      easy meals.

      For new things, try making up omelets with left over meats and veggies-
      ham, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, etc. You can also try your hand at
      crepe’s, but those take a bit longer to make enough to be filling, as
      well as the costs for the fillings.

      When I was little, one of my favorite breakfasts was, oddly enough,
      beef stew. See, my dad worked outside, so in the winter, he’d heat up a
      large can of dinty moore beef stew to put in his thermos, and there was
      always a bowl left over for me to eat. You get potatoes, vegetables,
      and meat all in one nice warm bowl.

      I also loved waffles, either frozen or homemade. Hash browns, breakfast
      casseroles (which can be made the night before, then just stick it in
      the oven in the morning, plus plenty of left over’s for later in the

      When you make up meat for dinner, such as ham, fry up the left overs
      for breakfast, or add them into an omelet or casserole for breakfast.

      Fresh fruit is always a good addition to a warm breakfast. My husband
      likes to chop fresh fruit up into plain oatmeal- banana’s,
      strawberries, blueberries, etc

      You can make breakfast sandwiches similiar to McDonalds by using
      english muffins, biscuits, even small pancakes as the “bun”, and
      assorted meats, eggs, and cheese. One good one: cook up sausage patties
      and make mini sausage sized pancakes. Drizzle with some syrup, and eat.
      Warm, hand held, and good.


      Waffle sandwiches- spread with all-fruit spread, and top with another
      waffle. Cut in half, eat like a peanut butter sandwich.

      Very up the types of biscuts you make- corn muffins, english muffins,
      bagels, homestyle biscuts, cheesy homestyle biscuts, fruit flavored
      muffins, etc.

      Hope this all helps!
      From: “Heather”
      Date: Tue Jan 3, 2006 3:43 pm
      Subject: Re: quick breakfast recipes???

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas Make Ahead Easy BreakFast Ideas