Make a Halloween scrapebook!!

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Make a Halloween scrapebook!!

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      Almost everyone is crazy about Halloween. Picking out a costume, carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating are ways to be creative and use their imagination. Make Halloween special by creating a Halloween scrapebook with your kids!!

      Let your kid/s pick out their own scrapbook. At the craft store, something like a small 5×7” scrapebook. Once they’ve picked one out, let them choose some Halloween stickers and a small stack of autumn-themed craft paper.

      At home, put all of their pencils, crayons and markers in a plastic pumpkin or cauldron for their Halloween work station.
      Some great ideas are:
      Colorful leaves your child collects when the two of you go for autumn walks in the woods or through the park
      Halloween cards or invitations they receive to Halloween parties from family and friends – Halloween drawings and paintings they make, as well as pages from Halloween coloring books they’ve done Halloween crafts that they make in school -Crafts they make at home or that the two of you make together, such as pumpkins or ghosts made from construction paper or Halloween cards to send out – Souvenirs from a Halloween party, such as a gift bag or a nametag -A list of your child’s Halloween favorites, such as their favorite Halloween TV special, their favorite Halloween song, and what they like most about Halloween -Pictures from your little photographer (this is great cause I know everyone takes pictures of their own kids and the trivck or treaters that visit and we save them) also give your child a small disposable camera so they can take their own pictures of their Halloween adventures, such as going to a pumpkin patch, going to a Halloween party, decorating the house and helping to bake pumpkin bread or ghost cookies – Pictures that you take of them of picking out pumpkins, carving or painting their pumpkin, in their Halloween costume, and trick-or-treating -Encourage your child to be creative by putting Halloween stickers and a variety of autumn-themed craft paper throughout their scrapbook.

      Have them title to book with somthing they choose – but also write on there the year so they will have fond memories!!This is a great craft for the Halloween season because it’s something the two of you can create together and look back on each Halloween. The scrapbook is also something your child can show their friends and family after the season, and share with the class during show-and-tell.

      We have these scrapbooks from year gone-by – they do bring tears to your eyes!!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Make a Halloween scrapebook!!