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      I want to thank everyone for your great feedback with my mail problem,

      at least now I know what my options are.

      I have decided to go ahead and replace the old mailbox with a new

      larger one, and give my mail carrier just one more chance as this is

      the first time this ever happened. It very well may not be the last.

      I’ve had the same carrier for a few years and I’m hoping he was just

      really having a bad day. If it happens again though, I will call the

      Postmaster in town and report him. It is his job to deliver my mail,

      what I get in my mail (or how much is in there) isn’t of his concern,

      he just needs to do what he is paid to do. I’ve always been nice to

      him and he has been nice to me as well, I’m hoping that will continue.

      Again, thanks for your responses, this is a great group with some

      really great information!


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      > I leave my mail persons a Christmas present each year and they all

      seem to do just super..dash

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