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      >>The lid broke off and he even crammed it in the
      mailbox as well!! I was so mad I told my husband I was going to call
      the Post Office and report him<<

      Call the Post Office and ask to Speak to the PostMaster. I worked as the pmr in the post office where we lived and this is not permitted.

      if the post master is not willing to help or you do not feel as though the issue was rectified, you can call his district supervisor. the pm must give you the number if you request it.

      >>, but he said if you do he will probably
      start throwing your mail away or something.


      Thatwould be considered tampering with the Mail, which I do believe is a Felony charge and the post office takes these things very seriously.

      >>My question is, has anyone had this happen and what did you do about

      If it were me, I would call the pm, i would demand awritten apology and replacement of my destroyed property.


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