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      Has Anyone here tried Magic Jack for phone service? What do you think of them, is it worth it?

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      I have not personally used it. However, my daughter and her boyfriend just got their first apartment together back in NY and they got it, of course to save some money. As soon as I heard about it I wanted to run out and order one myself. Daughter’s BF, told me to wait until he tried it out… asked me about it a few weeks ago and he told me not to waste my money. You get quite a bit of static on the line and if you’re downloading something and trying to talk on the phone you can have problems. He’s pretty smart at the computer stuff and I trust him when he says not to waste my money so I would tell you the same thing.
      We have the other internet phone service.. Vonage. We’ve had it for alittle over 3 years now and have had next to zero problems with it. With taxes it runs about $34 a month and that includes long distance and all the bells and whistles you could possible want, you might want to look into that. You do have to have a high speed connection though. If you have DSL and regular phone service now and youre concerned that you will have to pay two phone bills, that’s not the case. We had Verizon at first with DSL and we jsut had them keep our line for the DSL and make it a dedicated DSL line that’s all. Hope that helped and I didn’t confuse ya!!

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      My DH & I have a Magic Jack & we love it! We get no static at all. The more ram you have, the better the prodruct & I have 3 rams on my Del. DH makes 3-5 long distant calls a week. Has saved us a bundle.
      Margaret K

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      We have a magic jack. the service is good but unfortunately they do not have a local number for us. we keep checking cause as soon as they do we are dropping our phone service for magic jack

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