Magical Snowman Soup

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      Materials needed:
      Individual cocoa mix packet
      Hershey’s chocolate Kisses
      Candy cane
      Miniture marshmallows
      Snack-size baggies
      return-address labels
      card stock

      Print out the following directions:
      1. Empty Magical Snowman Soup Mix into mug and fill with hot water.
      2. Add Snowman Kisses and stir well with Magic Stick.

      Top with Snowman Poop and enjoy!

      Print the following labels to stick on each item:
      Magical Snowman Soup Mix [for the cocoa mix]
      Snowman Kisses [for the snack-size baggie with kisses inside]
      Magic Stick [for the candy cane wrapper]
      Snowman Poop [for the marshmallows in the other snack-sized baggie]

      On card stock using a whimsical font and snowman clipart, print out a Magical Snowman Soup label.
      Tie the directions to the handle of the mug with ribbon and place the packaged ingredients inside the mug.

      This gift is cute and inexpensive — makes you want to give them to everyone.

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      rofl that is a wonderful idea! lol lol my kids will get a kick out of this one. thanks

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