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      We were in fl on a short “getaway” and our friends own magicjack for their business line and they are now going to change the house phone over to mj also. it worked so great we are now getting it ourselves!

      while we were there there was a slight “hiccup” and they just unplugged it from the pc and plugged it back in and it was good as gold!!

      for the savings… i am all about a simple unplug & replug every now & again.

      i did go online with and check everything out. they were several complaints however they were from people that had done the “free 30 day trial” and not returned the device within the 30 days as advertised. It was not for poor quality or not being as advertised.

      People just didn't read what they signed up for and after 30 days and no receipt of equipment they charged them for one year as stated in the advertisement.

      My friends do use a corded phone with it so I am not sure if that is why they have no issues with the one phone line but after reading a few other responses they time they did have to replug it was with the cordless phones! I know the technology is not great for wireless. However while we were there my husband called our phone company and had our phone bill lowered $40 by making our phone dial in only.

      If we dial out it is 10 cents per minute which is why we are considering MJ. I can live with using only corded phones and having a outbound cell phone to have locals callus back. I spend about $60 a month on cell phones and most everyone we talk to is with our cell company so there is no minute usage.

      Maybe I will get my dd a added on line for cell outbound calling as her friends are also all at&t users… lots of options now. man i know my grandparents are spinning in their graves over all the options now!!

      just realizing sheis rambling..

      jacqui c. in ne georgia

      on wed, aug 6, 2008 at 10:23 PM, sandra <> wrote:

      Please tell me:
      Do you have this?
      How does it work?
      Do you like it?
      How much does it cost?


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