Magic Jack?

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      I got mine it worked for a week, then had to keep unplugging it and replugging it so I could make a call out or so people could hear me or clear out noises. I was told to make sure my phone is in the back usb jack and they were the ones to tell me unplug and wait several minutes and then plug back in. Now no one can call me.

      They get a message that all circuits are busy or it will ring then make a noise and that is all. The only way to call me is by a cell phone. I contacted them so many times and they can’t fix it.

      They told me to plug my jack into another computer, well we only have this one. They told me to get a corded phone and try that. I can’t.

      My computer is in a bed room so I have to have a cordless to use it in the rest of the house. Nothing worked and I have to get my regular phone back. I am so frustrated and I am sending it back.
      I was really hopeful and thought at first, having to unplug and plug it in here and there is no big deal for the money I save, but when its all the time and now no one can call me.

      That is it. I can’t wait till my phone gets hooked up on Monday now. I will never complain again about the phone bill.

      I am just glad to have a phone I can call out with no trouble and recieve calls.

      No more hearing people say hello, hello because they can’t hear me.
      I have heard some positive things from people that had no trouble, I am not sure why I do.


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      Please tell me:
      Do you have this?
      How does it work?
      Do you like it?
      How much does it cost?

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