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      I have a few friends who were talking about cloth diapers… and I finally decided to try them! im so glad i did.

      i love them. they have saved me a fortune!’

      i do cloth wipes, too. (used baby washcloths i had a ton of) and some homemade solution. (1 TBSP baby bath wash, 1 TBSP baby lotion, and 2 cups water.

      Place in saucepan and heat until mixed, cool and place in spray bottle.

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      CONGRATS!! I think using cloth was great .. the only issue was gettting a diaper bag that I liked and fit enough diapers (I had 3 in cloth diapers at same time) ..

      ended up making my own .. back then they did not have the changing tables so changing kids was interesting ..


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      I also had 3 in diapers at one time. That diaper bag also had to be big enough to hold bottles and an extra change of clothes for each (in case of accidents!). Disposable diapers were just starting to make an appearence at that time.

      Everyone wanted them – few could afford them.

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      My mom used cloth diapers when I was small, because we broke out when she used the other kind. I never did use cloth, I worked alot. So it was easier for me to use the disposable kind.

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      I used cloth diapers on all 5 of mine! Even had to hand wash all our laundry on one of them. Everyone thought I was crazy even 30 years ago but I’m to frugal to buy throw away diapers.

      100% cotton was great in the summer heat! My twin babies turn 16 next week! I helped my Amish neighbor make cloth diapers last year.

      We cheated and used my friends serger so she’d have plenty of diapers when her twins arrived. I keep 50 yards of diaper material in our emergency storage. Never know when someone will need diapers and no way to get them.

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      thanks ladies!

      Yes, the switch has been great and now I am learning how to make the liners for extra absorbency!!!

      its been fabulous!

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      Congratulations on the switch, I used cloth 30 years ago with mine. My old school pediatrician told me to use Tide with none of the blue stuff or other add ins and not to use fabric softner in order to avoid diaper rash. He was right.

      My son did get diaper rash from the times I had to use disposables when he went to church nursery or drop in day care (their request). Saved not only money but also kept their cute little tushies rash free.

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      I agree. We havent used any rash cream since we made the switch!

      I use plain tide in my hot water wash after a presoak in cold water with baking soda.(to help with smells!) I use no fabric softeners.

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      I’m not a mom yet, I’m 37 weeks, but I’ve debated on using cloth diapers the whole pregnancy. I know they save money and save the environment.
      I know my mom used them for my little brother, but she also had the ability to was the diapers everyday to avoid smell. I don’t have that luxury.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Made the switch to Cloth Diapers!